I haven’t been able to maintain a sustained presence on the Internet for the past couple of years because the Internet hasn’t made sense.  Mind you, I was one of the first people ON the Internet, grabbing free Mac Plus programs off of the campus connection way back in 1985, and reading sexy.bald.captains Usenet groups.  But until this spring, it’s been just wrong.

Now, it’s right again, so maybe I can persuade myself to venture back on.

The Internet itself hasn’t been wrong–the people using the Internet, though… To be fair, I’m autistic and people are hard. But this was too weird, even for the Brownian motion of humans that I’ve come to understand.

Now I get it though.  It wasn’t people on the Internet. It was trolls.  Millions of paid posts waging war.

Trolls I get. I get where all this has come from, and I can predict where it’s going again, and so I’m coming back on and wish me luck.

I’d like to thank Louise Mensch & friends, the Resistance people, some really smart geeks in my family, Lareena Goertz, and a bunch of other people who acted as touchstones to help me figure this out.

Also the Greek Choir of coyotes partying a block up the street, making the evening worthwhile.


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