I’m getting ready for the Global Game Jam.

This post will contain notes for anyone interested in the Digital Audio Workstation Reaper, and it will probably wander into metaphors about how becoming old is cool and you should try it.

However I’m writing it as I install Reaper and try to get it to work, so I’m dispensing with my usual rules about being intelligible on this blog. Perhaps permanently.


My first DAW was this one: http://www.muzines.co.uk/articles/mark-of-the-unicorn-performer/1433 .  Performer, on the Macintosh, made by Mark of the Unicorn. Yep, that spells MOTU.

Most lately, I have tried to install the ProTools 10 software that I inherited from my daughter, but while researching solutions the many, many installation errors that ProTools inflicted on my VR computer, I discovered an enticing feater found in another DAW–Reaper (https://stash.reaper.fm/). It has a reasonable solution for ambisonics in VR.

Installed easily. But just as every single everlovin’ DAW I have ever attempted to install has done, Reaper is making me jump through hoops before I can use it.  So far not many, though.

This one is the “Scanning DirectX FX…” hang.

Hurray–the Ambisonic plugin is not a DirectX plugin:


Therefore, I choose this solution: Disable DirectX plugins:

Ctrl-Alt-Delete to force-quit Reaper; restart Reaper; options menu/preferences/ select ReWire/DX tab, DX plugins off, Disable DX plugins Scanning.




Note to self: If I ever do need a DX plugin, see Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Reaper/comments/79q7pt/help_with_software_and_vsts/






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