November 26, 2022

Since I’m divorced, and want to develop new routines, I will attempt to resurrect this blog. I was going to jump into my AWS site, but probably shouldn’t do that in the middle of an anxiety disorder and so this WordPress site is simpler. I just felt the need to post something, I suppose to prove I still exist?

More seedlings

I’m migrating from Riverside County to the Eastern Sseabord, so I have dispersed the remainder of the live oak seedlings I have been growin my rig. I have planted fourteen and gave another dozen to the camp host at the Lake Skinner campground. Best i can do under time and pandemic constraints.

VR notes

Again, notes for reference until I sit and study.

Lareena noted during LTUE that LTUE 3 has gone obsolete. Update or replace; which of these?

That was back in 2018. Now?Weeelll, not so much. Version 4:

Conclusion: Very grateful there’s a V4. Will dive in presently.


I didn’t think it was a toolkit. Was I wrong?


It looked promising back when I investigated it, but couldn’t get it to work back then. Another try presently.

(from that page and important to know): Latest supported Unity release for EditorXR is 2018.4.12f1


We were going to pursue this, so here’s the handy link:

My rig’s solar setup

The alaskan RV tech who installed this locked it down so I can’t tilt it up for better sun capture. Perhaps that’s good, given my ADD. They’d probably sail onto the freeway next time I forgot about locking them down.

December 2019 Reading, Watching, Listening, Playing

PRECURSOR by C. J. Cherryh, a longtime favorite author

THE MANDALORIAN all 8 episodes. Taika Waititi and Baby Yoda FTW

STRANGER THINGS. Finally got to the series

WINTER MOON, on Webtoons. Also a bushel of other webtoons.

“The Rise of Skywalker” because of course.

Thanksgiving Minecraft. Traditional family activity; great time had by all.

NO MAN’S SKY. Played it 2 years ago; checked back after all the updates. Still addicting. I made sure to remove it from the computer so I don’t get sucked into the black hole.

MY HERO ACADEMIA among other anime titles.

UNDERTALE. Finally got around to it. I aimed for the pacifist option, to see how it was handled.